Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Battle For Killing of Fisk and Destroy The Pentagon

We finally starting the attacking of it the Pentagon to shoot Fisk and make him dead by our guns. Me and the Humanassasinators and Showtime and Patrick and JACKAL and Seedeater and The Doctor and The Beast from fighting the evil Beast govronment were all hovering over the Pentagon in the maskychopper then i gave the signal to open fire out of our guns from shooting them the Humanassasinators and me sniped so many Proxie guards that were dead before they even knew what was happening to them. then Patrick strapped a C12 exploderbomb to his back and teleported int o the Pentagon he set the detonator codes and pressed the exploder buttoin then he teleported out and it blow a huge hole in the side and middle of the Pentagon that we all parachuted into but were met by Proxie guards of Fisk and FBS guys to they were attacked of us to make us die by there fearious assault on our life.They were lead from these guys from the links that im going to give you  called Rhodes and a Proxie serving for him called of the knifer Proxie called Nee-chan thats not her blog but shes in with it they were leading the guards to kill us we were surrounded and no hope for us when Alex and his guys teleported into the base of the pentagon and started fighting the Proxies to save us we did too
then Prospect and his Masky Kill Squad came here and to kill us all and there was huge fighting between us Alex had his revolver and blasted at so many and all of the Proxies but Joseph said "hey remember me guy you killed for my team preapere to die by the knife" he jumped at Alex and stabbed of him with a knife he had but I came up behind him and ripped Joseph off Alex threwing him wayfar backwards The Doctor came over and fi\xed Alexs wounded things Spectre had a really hugeandmegablasting machinegun rifle and he blasted the Proxies bacck he said "get to Fisk ill hold them off from you!" i ran to and attacked Fisk but he said "its time to die forever and get blown up prapare for it!" he pressed on a megadetonator he had it blew up the Pentagon in a hugesplosion it wouldve killed us all but Patrick teloported the explosion away from us but Fisk still escaped Prospects guys were about to launch another assaultt on us but Seedeater said "go ill hold the m off!" and he jumped at them ripping Nighscreams arm off his body that had no arms now and ate it it buyed enough time for Patrick to teloport us up to the Maskycopter and fly away but except fot  The Doctor he left and got recruited by Alex for a megahuge army Alex is gathering to fight Slenderthulu and defeat him see it soon in Alexs blog

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