Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Final Showdown With Prospect and The Masky Kill Squad Part The Last Part

the ultimate battle for live and not die by the m begins now Prospects Masky Kill Squad assaulted on the safehouse Seedeater was with them too now he teared apart and ripped up into blloody flesh of all them but the rest of us escaped back farther into the building but Nightscream would have no arms but were replaced by megablasting rocketguns hee shot of f the top of the building but JACKAL leaped up and over to him and grabbed his head and tore it off from his body it killed him Joseph came in and blasting a submachinegun at us butt Masky sniped him in the chest with the maskyrifle and it wounded him so badly Masky was about to finish off his life from earth when Seedeater attacked him and mauled him with brutal force of fury Masky didnt even have time to fight back from the bruatality Seedeater broke one of his arms and all of his ribes Seedeater was just about to break his head to that would end his life but JACKAL so powerfuly attacked Seedeater they had a brutal meelee battling otherplace ffrom that Morningstar attacked Showtime with a knif they knife battled furiously but in the end of it the knife from Morningstar went in Showtimes heart from get stuabbed in his hearyt by Morningstar but Showtime right before he died from it used his timetravel powers to go back in time to before he got sttabbed by him he already knew then where the knife attack was going to be at on him so he blocked it and did a slashing attack at Morningstar it slit his throat and killed him meanwhile Seedeater and JACKAL were still fighting a bruatal brawler fight but Seedeater eventually killed JACKAL by the ripping and tearing through his stomach by Seedeaters claws Seedeater attacked Masky again and was about to kill him but Seedeaters real side and not mindwashed parts of him won in his brain against The Advocates programnming for temporary and not forever Seedeater said "Advocate you want me to kill this guy Masky my friend you want him to die by me how bout you die by me!" and attacked and ripped The Adocate limbs from limbs until it was just bllody parts left of him but even being dead The Advocates mindwash programming on Seedeaters brain won again and he went back to a Slendersassin he attached The Beast and Showtime they were no match for his deadly killpower against them and were going to die by it but i or called Patrick the teloporter guy from MLAndersen0 teleported inside Seedeaters body it killed him meanwhile Joseph tried to attack and kill the reallybad wounded Masky with his submachingun he said "youre going to pay for it the death of my squad Masky" but Masky said "ill pay for it in your blood!" he pulled out the maskyrifle from behind him and shot Joseph through the back and middle of his head it exploded his brain with bullets Masky started to crawl to saftey it looked all right for him but then Prospect came out with the sledgehammer and said "time for my vengeance on you Masky!" he bashed and smashed both of Maskys knee caps off with the sledgehammer and pounded and slammed the rest of him too until Masky was bloody and almost dead pulp then Prospect picked Masky up by his kneck and shot him out the stomach with a pistol so many times and threw his bleeding body into a wall and said "go bleed and die from it" Prospect almost escaped the safehouse but i was controlling Seedeaters body from teloporting inside of it i attacked him with rage at him killing Masky he pained of it by me but he still had a pistol and a knife and he sliced up Seedeaters dead corpse so much i killed him with a a tearing ripperclaw to the chest but he damaged Seedeater s body so much i couldnt used of it anymore from then i had to teleport out of it then it wwas just me and Showtime and The Beast who survived from it but the wrecekd and destroyed safehouse was got surrounded by a small but big to us arrmy of Starspawn closing in to kill us but i teleported us away

The Final Showdown With Prospect and The Masky Kill Squad Part 1

Tuerns out was the cordnates from what Rhodes said was talked to Prospect and his guys they got the coordinates from Rhodes before he died from his wounds now they traveled to the safehouse and assaulted on it resulting in a deadly battle here

The Battle With Rhodes

Nee-chan was sneaked into the base and assaulted Showtime while Rhodes made a gun attack on us with his revolving pistol Showtime and Nee-chan had a knife combat with each other and the other one of them but in the end Showtime stabbed Nee-chan in the back of her Proxie head and through the skull it killed her forever. otherwhiles me and Rhodes  had a blasting gunbattle with each other he shot me in my side of my chest with his revolving pistol but i sniped him with my maskyrifle it mortally hurt him but before he died he pulled out a beepersonar transmitter and pressed a button and talked with it he said "we got the cordnates send a team Rhodes out for all and eveer times!" then he died


Rhodes and Nee-chan from the furious battling that happen ed here have tracked to us and the safehouse and are attacking on it and us now. most times two guys wouldnt be a megahuge problem of us to kill but were all wounded theyre not were battling with them now for our life

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We lost Seedeater

Seedeater was captured of Prospect's guys to turned into a Slenderssin for hunting down and kill of Masky and his Humanassassinators we better watch out for him or spell his doom and death on us

the last thing to hear from me

this is the last thing to be hearing from me. i was able to fight and resist aganst The Advocates mindwash programmings on my brain long enough to attack Nightscream i ripped his other arm off and long enough to type this but i dont have much longer the programmings winning im already getting urgings and craves to kill for President Slenderthulu and his side sorry for what happens next im not in control of my own mind anymore The Advocate is-Seedeater


no i wont join your side...die by me! -Seedeater

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


theyve got me i tryed to fight them and i did i Nightscreams arm off his body but there were too many of them they captured me now The Advocate is trying to mindwash my brain to being on their side -Seedeater


We went to a safehouse thats in the capital of Slendermerica Washington D.C. the safehouse is a tall apartment that Showtime uses to hide his victims dead and murdered corpses were safe there for now. were fixing our wounds after the trulyhuge and failing battle at The Pentagon which are Patrick was wounded by the intense powerwave that him him when he teloported the expolosion that Fisk made away from us i was shot by Fisk in my fighting with him and JACKAL was wounded by the Starspawn patrolforce from  so were fixing all the wounds now. we still dont know if Seedeater is alive or dead but he knows what the password to this account what it is so maybe hell post updates for whats going on with and about him later

Starspawn Patrolforce

we were in the Maskycopter going to a safe place that Showtime knew and told us how to get to it and on our way there when a patrolforce of Starspawn of Slenderthulu flew and attacked the Maskycopter. Patrick was in a coma by teloporting the explosion away from us here so he couldnt teleport us out of the danger zopne of their attack on us so we had to fight. JACKAL jumped on one of them and used his brutally powerfull strength to rip its thropat out and fly it into \another one and knocked it to the ground. then he divedbombed to the ground and stabbed it with his claws killing it. there were way too many Starspawn for him though and he got blasted by one of them it wounded him. he ripped its head off the wone that wounded of him but another one came up beh9ind him and got him in a terrible and deadly deathgrip around the neck. JACKAL wouldve died but i used the maskycopters huge chaingun rapidblaster turrets to shoot all the Starspawn attacking him so much it killed them by getting shot. there were still Starspawn closing in on the maskycopter and JACKAL too and JACKAL couldnt fly so he was trapped on the ground and we were in huge trouble but i said "hang on your seats were going in low!" and i dived the maskycopter down low to the ground caused for its propeller blades to chop and slice and chop to being dead all of most of the Starspawn that were around the maskycopter but i kept going in lower until the maskycopter was almost touching the ground it was so megadangerous. JACKAL jumped on the side of the maskycopter right as it was about to hit the ground and crash and i pulled up on the steering flightstick of the maskycopter flying it into the air and away from the ground. the still alive Starspawn swarmed at us though and soon we were surrounded and with no hope. i handed the controls to The Beast and used my maskyrifle to shoot at them but they were too powerful to be died by it and there was no escape for us. just as the Starspawn were closing in to make us dead Patrick woke up and used all the strength left in him to teleport  us to Showtimes safehouse and away from the Slenderspawn but it was too much for him to take he went into an even more bad coma than before

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Battle For Killing of Fisk and Destroy The Pentagon

We finally starting the attacking of it the Pentagon to shoot Fisk and make him dead by our guns. Me and the Humanassasinators and Showtime and Patrick and JACKAL and Seedeater and The Doctor and The Beast from fighting the evil Beast govronment were all hovering over the Pentagon in the maskychopper then i gave the signal to open fire out of our guns from shooting them the Humanassasinators and me sniped so many Proxie guards that were dead before they even knew what was happening to them. then Patrick strapped a C12 exploderbomb to his back and teleported int o the Pentagon he set the detonator codes and pressed the exploder buttoin then he teleported out and it blow a huge hole in the side and middle of the Pentagon that we all parachuted into but were met by Proxie guards of Fisk and FBS guys to they were attacked of us to make us die by there fearious assault on our life.They were lead from these guys from the links that im going to give you  called Rhodes and a Proxie serving for him called of the knifer Proxie called Nee-chan thats not her blog but shes in with it they were leading the guards to kill us we were surrounded and no hope for us when Alex and his guys teleported into the base of the pentagon and started fighting the Proxies to save us we did too
then Prospect and his Masky Kill Squad came here and to kill us all and there was huge fighting between us Alex had his revolver and blasted at so many and all of the Proxies but Joseph said "hey remember me guy you killed for my team preapere to die by the knife" he jumped at Alex and stabbed of him with a knife he had but I came up behind him and ripped Joseph off Alex threwing him wayfar backwards The Doctor came over and fi\xed Alexs wounded things Spectre had a really hugeandmegablasting machinegun rifle and he blasted the Proxies bacck he said "get to Fisk ill hold them off from you!" i ran to and attacked Fisk but he said "its time to die forever and get blown up prapare for it!" he pressed on a megadetonator he had it blew up the Pentagon in a hugesplosion it wouldve killed us all but Patrick teloported the explosion away from us but Fisk still escaped Prospects guys were about to launch another assaultt on us but Seedeater said "go ill hold the m off!" and he jumped at them ripping Nighscreams arm off his body that had no arms now and ate it it buyed enough time for Patrick to teloport us up to the Maskycopter and fly away but except fot  The Doctor he left and got recruited by Alex for a megahuge army Alex is gathering to fight Slenderthulu and defeat him see it soon in Alexs blog

Thursday, May 17, 2012


were preparing for it now the final assault and stealthassasin kill on Fisk to make him dead by us. were locked and loaded so are our guns and were almoist ready to start the assault on it. well update on the megahuge battlee soon

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


megamegacosmicrake blasted JACKAL back into the sckyscrappimg building behind him it fell over and collapsed on him but Patrick teleported behind megamegacosmicrake but megamegacosmicrake already saw it in  the future and he blasted wehere the portal was going to be it knocked Patrick so fa r back from him Showtime jumped and knifed to megamegacosmicrake through his chest wounding him but it broke open his chest a little and released for the megapower within shooting Showtime with megacosmic energy and blasting it back but Showtime traveled back before it in time and threw a exploder knife into the crack but it blew him back to and megamegacosmicrake advanced with so much power on us to kill us for all i was standing on top of the maskycopter i sniped megamegacosmiocrake with my maskyrifle it didnt hurt him but it distracted of his attention and Seedeater came up behind him and grabbed his head and slammed into it with his claws again and again it caused so much blood and pain for megamegacosmicrake the n megamegacosmicrake said "okay thats it time for the megablasting explosion and the death of you all!" he charged up a megablasting explosion but Patrick teloported us out from the blast zone just in time to avoid death by it

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The megamegacosmicassult on us

we were on our way to the Pentagon to assasinate Fisk with guns and kill him when megamegacosmicrake surged through the time river with veengeance to where we were he knocked us out of the sky and onto the ground now hes going to fight with us but hes somegapower to probly be way to powerful for to handle by us and kill us for it were going to fight now

Sunday, May 13, 2012

heres some inelligent air photos of the Pentagon the base were going to assasinate Fisk in

were going to invaade of it realsoon and assasinate Fisk for good and all he wont bother us after it

Escape and A Plan

they came to kill us all the FBS in there strikechopters but i fired a missle at one of them and exploded it into fire it spun and spun and crashed with another one in a huge flaming wreck of crasehd FBS strikecopters then Patrick teleported everyone into the maskycopter and i launched a bayrage of missles on them and we escaeped in the confused FBS guys who survived from it. i know what were going to do now the only way to stop the FBS assault were going to assasinate Fisk were going there now of his base the FBS  hideout the pentagon were going to it to assasinate him now

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Masky Kill Squad

now President Slenderthulu made a new squad of superkillguys or called the Masky Kill Squad. there consists of Nightscream a ultredeadly Proxie teacher he teaches how to kill guys so deadly and fast as him. Theres Morningstar a deadly killer Proxie who hunts the Humans and slays them brutaly. Theres The Advocate or a grusome torturer guy who also does experiments for the ProxLabs of President Slenderthulu. Theres Joseph the surviver of the battle of trying to get hands on the Slendernomicon here he was unparlyzed by wearing a exo suit on his spine from the ProxLabs factory hes so angry for vengeance against the people who survived throgh the battle. finally the leader of it all Prospect the Proxie apprentice friend partner guy of Executor the megadanger who got killed by me and the Bleeding Tree to thats here Prospect is trying to make me dead by him for revengeance. theyre hunting for us now and a bunch of FBS strikerforces sent for by Fisk to. we flew away from them by the Maskycopter and now were camped out hiding on the top of a skyscrapiing tower from them but the radar says there closing in we have to hurry

The Start of My Fugitive Adventures

This is my newblog of being Masky after here where i betrayed of President Slenderthulu and his guys im on the run as a Proxie fugitivce of him and his guys. I recruited other guys who betrayed President Slender once he became President Slenderthulu. Theres Seedeater the terrifying creature being from hunting of guys and tearing them into shreds of people he was faked to be with the H(a)unting guys but he really wasnt that was a lie by them. Seedeater butchered a squad of Proxie soldiers into being mutilated pieces of deadguys when they came to recruit him for President Slenders army and now hes waging a fight on them. Then theres Patrick a teloporting guy once thought as a Proxie hes not he was bleeding in the lastest video because he betrayed for President Slender and got shot by a FBI sniper in the chest hes been running from them ever since. Showtime also known and called by the name The Showtime Killer is a timetravelling serial killer with special powers for killing guys he hunts the Butterflies theyre guys with supermagicpowers that help Caught from President Slender. He was hunting a Butterfly to kill one time before now but President Slender who wasnt Slenderthulu yet had sent with guys to hunt the Butterflies too and a FBS strikerteam dropped down out of a helicopter and stole his kill Showtime murdered them all with his extralong slashknife except for one he let live and got answerrs from him of why they stole his kill. He found out their plans to ssteal all his kills it made him realangry he bashed the skull in from the interrogated guy and hes been hunting FBS troopers and Proxies of President Slender now President Slenderthulu ever from then. Then theres JACKAL a ancient Egypt creature that survived to the now after the Sphinx got tamed by time travelling Slender Man like told in SlenderSages blog JACKAL survived the conquer of Egypt and hes fighting him in all his forms ever since to defeat him and become the terror of Egypt not Slenderthulu like he wants to. Theres The Doctor the coolperson from Slender Nation he made it until he got kicked off it and threatened by death for his life if he tried anything by President Slenders guys but he said no he was going to fight them and get back Slender Nation now hes hunted. the last guy we recrutied for our group for running from Slenderthulus guys is The Beast from a Beast nation thats not Slendermerica most Beasts are evil but this ones not he rebeled against the evil Beast govronment what he didnt know it was allied by Slenderthulu now hes hunted by them both.